We work closely with top international universities and academic institutes to ensure our programmes are the best available for students.

1. Confucius Hall

Founded in 1928, Confucius Hall is a non-religious scholastic organisation dedicated to the development of Confucius philosophies in whole person development, related traditional educational values and scholastic principles, promulgation of East Asian culture, and the promotion of education to all children of Hong Kong to nurture the next generation of leaders in Hong Kong and beyond. 


More on 1. Confucius Hall http://www.confuciushallhk.org
2. Norton House

Norton House, as a leading educational services and management institute with subsidiary operations in HK, China and UK, is the co-founding planner that leads strategic development of and manages the Foundation and supervises its subsidiaries.

More on 2. Norton House http://www.nh.edu.hk
3. Green Templeton College, Oxford

Green Templeton College is the University of Oxford’s newest college.  We have commissioned high-level academic research into application of curriculum and teaching in advancement of our objectives.  We have also established the ICAEF-Green Templeton College, Oxford Scholarship.

More on 3. Green Templeton College, Oxford http://www.gtc.ox.ac.uk
4. Peterhouse International Preschool

Peterhouse, as a premium early childhood education provider in HK, collaborates with the Foundation on early childhood and kindergarten establishments and curriculum development.

More on 4. Peterhouse International Preschool http://www.peterhouse-preschool.com
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