World Cultural Promulgation Fund


The World Cultural Promulgation Fund is the first Cultural Fund by the ICA for the conservation and back coupling of our culture and traditions. 


With the collaboration of our partner, the Confucius Hall of HK, the World Cultural Promulgation Fund is set up for supporting and promulgating the Confucius and Chinese cultural traditions, along with the aim of combining the essence of world culture, thus creating a global perspective upon the spirit of being an integral part of nature and civilisation.


The World Cultural Promulgation Fund is also set up for echoing the mission and vision of the ICA, to vigorously promote exchange activities for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students, for their understanding of interactive relations between Chinese and Western culture, thus establishing their capacity and mission in the 21st Century.


The signature project of the World Cultural Promulgation Fund, the CHICA World Cultural Promulgation Centre, will be the only Museum of History and Culture of Confucianism in Hong Kong and located at the campus of total area 1,500 square feet. With ICA International Advisory Committee as the central advisors and the joint force of the Centre’s Culture Ambassador, the Centre is destined to be the fertile land for the blossoming of Confucianism.

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